We Help You Generate More Leads & Sales For Your Business with a Customized ChatBot

Boost your business’ ROI & Increase Customer Loyalty, Offer Faster Service Turnaround, Increase Sales Interactions by using a Conversational ChatBot On Your Site.

Conversational ChatBots Are Revolutionizing Business

And we want to help you leverage on it instantly.

If you’re looking for a more advanced means to engage with your customers & increase your revenue, a Messenger ChatBot is the answer.

And if using a conversational messenger bot is new for you, Say Hi ~ ~ to MOBI, our Chatbot located down in the bottom RIght Corner.

We are in The Messenger ChatBot Era,

And it’s so true....

Facebook Post engagement rate keeps falling & email marketing open-rates are 5-10%. A Messenger ChatBot is influencing the pace of business more than any marketing tool or medium at the moment.

There are more people using messenger Apps than there are on social networks, and of course, where the people are is where sales will follow.  We can book your next appointment and Send a notification of a HOT LEAD to you as soon as it comes in. When would you like to find out out?  SOONER or LATER?  How about  play a quick product video or OFFER A SPECIAL. A chatbot can INCREASE the engagement ON YOUR SITE. The longer someone stays on your site, the HIGHER the likelihood that the visitor becomes your NEXT CUSTOMER. Longer engagement on your website also BOOSTS onpage SEO and Search Engines love that. It make you look great in their search rankings.  LOOK DOWN IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER  ~ Say Hi ~ ✋ MOBI 

Basic Chatbot
** Get DOUBLE the contacts plus additional features when paid annually **
Custom Business Image on Base of Chatbot with a clickable logo url link.
[4] menu items + [5] urls/links + [1] google calendar automation +3,000 contacts/mo + 50% discount off of Setup cost included
[$198 value]

Business Chatbot
** Get DOUBLE the contacts plus additional features when paid annually **
Custom Business Image on Base of Chatbot with a clickable logo url link.
[5] menu items + [7] urls/links + 1000 SMS msg’s for 200appts/mo +10,000 contacts/mo + 50% discount off of Setup cost included [$248 value]

Business Chatbot Plus
** Get DOUBLE the contacts plus additional features when paid annually **
Custom Business Image on Base of Chatbot with a clickable logo url link.
+ 3000 SMS msg’s for 600appts/mo
50,000 contacts/mo + 50% discount Setup cost included [$348 value]

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

48% of Consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact.

57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their immediate response & contact with a human.

45.8% of consumers would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than email.

With Over 1.3 Billion Users, Customers Prefer Using Some Form of Live Interaction.

Customers love to talk. A Chatbot presents that opportunity for them to interact with the businesses they love right now. YOU!!

And better yet, your future customers are equally wanting this access & introduction to your business. Where do you think they go once they leave your business? A competitor that provides a NOW experience will take away business from you.

Why let a customer visiting your site leave and go to a competitor just because they would like answers to questions from a live person? If for some reason, a live person is not available, a Chatbot is also programmable if need-be to answer frequently asked questions and “engage” with your customer. It is a well known fact that the longer you are able to engage with a customer on your web-site, the greater the opportunity to gain trust resulting in increased sales.

We Can Help you Connect with your
Customers & Generate Sales Instantly

The Digital Landscape Continues to Change.

Simple facebook posts are no longer as engaging & are not impacting business as before. ALERT, when a Facebook Messenger chatbot is placed on a Website [yours] a visitor MUST login with a Facebook user access ID or your chatbot is of “no use”. MobiTextVerts SOLVES this for your business.

There’s a lot more competition for facebook’s news feed making your ad content less visible and more challenging. The cost to advertise this way is rising plus the need to stand-out on a site that is NOT yours just does not make good business sense.

In addition, emailing your customers is not consistent, with low open rates and click rates or worse your marketing ends up in a spam folder.

A ChatBot offers a FRESH and better avenue for your business to connect now with customers for service & increase your sales opportunities.

Customer Acquisition & Retention
is Easier with Bots

Businesses are able to communicate & support customers easier with Bots. Having good customer support is now the newest strategy to retain customers & acquire new ones.

Customers don’t just want to call or email with their choice brands, they want their problems solved now. This is why customer support has become a larger factor for a customer when deciding to do business.

A Customized Chatbot offers a better avenue for your business to connect with customers & increase your sales.

However, Chatbots are Difficult
to Understand & Setup.

Make no mistake, chatbots are not all that easy to set up.

The conversational flows & sequence could be complex to understand… embedding the bot to display on your website is also not easy.

On the other hand, it’s expensive hiring someone to help you setup a bot.

But imagine,

What if you could get a custom chatbot built for your business & instantly start using it to engage your customers without all the high costs, development time and learning curve?

We help businesses grow by leveraging on Customized Chatbots for their business.

We are a team of chatbot specialists involved in helping businesses interact with customers & increase sales.

Customers love to get instantaneous response when they come to your website.

We will integrate conversational flows & a sequence to your bots to engage with your customers. We also will alert you in real time via an SMS text so that if you wish to engage LIVE with your customer, you can.

From conceptual design, analysis to full deployment & hosting, we will handle everything concerning your chatbot setup. We are experts and will guide you through any questions you may have. You do not have to build a Chatbot to be able to provide expert sales and service to your customers as they want.

We help businesses grow by leveraging on Customized Chatbots

So Contact us now… We only take a handful
of Chatbot projects at a time for effectiveness sake.

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